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French Cucumber Growers Tune LEDs for Year-Round Production

In another horticultural example of how LEDs can be finely tuned to suit different crops, Signify said that two French cucumber farms have installed greenhouse solid-state lighting (SSL) systems that optimize year-round growth of the popular salad vegetable. Jardins Réunis and Cheminant, both close to the city of Nantes near the northwest coast, have deployed Signify’s Philips GreenPower LEDs set with a recipe that delivers brightness and frequency levels believed to be ideal for cucumbers. The passively cooled SSL also steers heat away from the crop, which likes temperatures from around 75° to 80°F. Both Jardins Réunis and Cheminant grow “high-wire” cucumbers, a technique in which the cucumber vine climbs vertically and then runs horizontally along a wire. Both are using top-lighting above the plants and inter-lighting within them.

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