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Fulham Launches Dimmable, DC Retrofit LED Light Engines

Fulham Co., Inc., has released a comprehensive new line of DC Retrofit Engines as part of its new line of light engines for its Vizion LED DC Retrofit Kits. The new DC Retrofit light engines come in rectangular and round shapes, and boast lower power consumption and higher efficacy than competing products. The new DC Retrofit Engines offer 0-10V dimming from 100 percent brightness down to just 10 percent brightness. The device operates at a universal voltage (120-277V) and produces Class 2 output. The light engines come in six configurations, including four 7.8-inch round retrofit kits that consume 9W, 13W,20W, and 28W and produce 1400 lm, 2115 lm, 2820 lm, and 4015 lm output respectively. www.fulham.com/product-systems/led-systems/led-retrofit-kits-engines/

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