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GE Strips Current of Broad Energy Duties

In a slow fizzle, no more solar panels, EV charging, or energy storage. But still plenty of smart stuff in a back-to-the-future return to a lighting-centric business. GE had for a while separated smart LED lighting from conventional, non-LED lighting, treating them as different revenue groups, with LED part of the once wide-reaching Current, and with conventional lighting remaining on its own. GE has made no formal announcement about Current’s scaled down mission, but it has steadily transferred some of Current’s functions into other GE units while selling off others, such as when it unloaded its electric vehicle charging network to Campbell, CA-based ChargePoint a year ago. Revenue for Current in 2017 weighed in at just under $1.99 billion, including LED and conventional lighting. Meanwhile, GE continues to seek a buyer for Current.

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