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GE’s Current Extends Smart City Deal with China’s Tianjin

A new MOU between the two parties calls for Tianjin to extend the use of smart LED street lights beyond the city’s central business district, which has been operating a Current intelligent lighting scheme since late last year. Tianjin, a northern city of over 15 million people on the coast, will add sensors to its street lighting network and tie them into GE’s Predix cloud data system “to pull and analyze data driving additional outcomes, such as detecting real-time traffic patterns, pointing drivers to available parking spaces, or helping emergency responders react to situations before they arrive on scene.” Tianjin’s central business district has been using the Internet-connected LED street lights not just for illumination but also for other operations, such as displaying messages and advertising on digital screens. Current has made several strategic moves recently, including striking a deal with Honeywell division Tridium to help collect and analyze building data. In April, it acquired Los Altos, CA-based Daintree Networks, which makes wireless control systems for building automation.

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