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Gooee’s IoT Test Lab

Based in St. Petersburg, Florida, the test lab is a purpose built 14,000 sq. ft testing facility, designed to test all aspects of the wireless mesh network + develop a suite of test programs to validate cloud and gateway functions, along with building data analytics simulations. Established in 2017, the US$1 million installation uses six miles of cabling to conduct over 500 different tests on the lights and their various controls platforms. A team of six engineers conduct round-the-clock tests on the units, measuring 3,400 individual data points. This year alone, they’ve taken 150,000,000 readings. It’s not just Gooee hardware that gets tested here. Luminaire makers who have signed up to Gooee’s partnership programme have their kit evaluated here too, as do end-user customers such as retail and hospitality chains exploring using IoT lighting on their estate.

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