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Growing Up in Colorado

Colorado was the first state to do so. In the years since, Alaska, California, Nevada, Oregon and Washington, D.C., have followed suit. Vermont recently legalized marijuana sales through legislative action. Massachusetts will join those states in July. Maine has proposed it. According to a report from New Frontier Data, legalized marijuana is expected to generate $600 million in state taxes. Other states can’t ignore that and just might follow, even though marijuana is still illegal at the federal level. Pueblo Electrics favors LEDs since they produce significantly less heat and use less electricity than HPS lights. Other contractors prefer HPS lights, but they are moving to LEDs as the technology improves. In a room of clones where the lights stay on 24 hours a day, some ECs like to use high-intensity T5 fluorescent lighting. Growers cultivating specific marijuana strains can call for the color of the light spectrum to change during the day. The quality and amount of the harvest heavily depends on this proper, complicated lighting.

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