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Halogen and CFLs to be banned in Europe

A minimum efficiency requirement of 85 lumens per watt and a maximum standby power of 0.5W on all light sources is set to come into force as part of a review of the Ecodesign laws. As standard tungsten halogen lamps have an efficiency of around 25 lm/W while compact fluorescent lamps with ballasts can reach just 60 lm/W, both technologies will be outlawed by the new regulations. The Ecodesign laws are commonly known as the ‘Bulb Ban’, the phasing out of inefficient light sources in the European Union. The draft of the new regulations also propose a return to the days of lighting fixtures with replaceable lamps. Under the current wording, luminaire makers will have make the light source removable and replaceable from the fitting by September 2020. http://luxreview.com/article/2018/04/halogen-and-cfls-to-be-banned-in-europe

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