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High-Speed Breakthrough Brings Li-Fi Closer

French manufacturer Oledcomm has demonstrated its latest model which gives 16 users simultaneous access to 100Mbps internet connectivity via visible light from LED luminaires, rather than tradition Wi-Fi. The LiFiMax platform requires the users to plug a transceiver dongle into their device, which allows for 100 Mbps download and 40Mpbs upload. The download information is ‘embedded’ in the high-frequency visible light from the light fitting. LiFiMax – which will be available this September and costs £700 (€780, US$900) – was launched at the CES Show in Las Vegas and is compliant with Windows, MacBook and Linux-based devices. The luminaires are connected to an internet access point via a network cable and feature a Li-Fi-compatible driver which converts data into modulated light. https://luxreview.com/

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