Hello from Kansas City! Really liked the discussion on the NAILD podcast, particularly your thoughts on what happens when the bulk of the sockets are upgraded to LEDs. I lean toward your philosophy that there will be something new that comes out that will get customers to replace today’s latest and greatest LED technology.

To me, a big part of the equation would seem to be that each type of customer has different hot buttons that will have to be hit for them to make the change. There’s such a fascinating array of customers, all with different needs – Class A office space, REITs with lower-level offices, municipals with their needs for parks, sporting facilities, street lighting and public buildings, state of federal government with a whole different range of itches that need to be scratched, schools, hospitals, Main St. America stores, other surviving retail, etc. Some will be game to upgrade, and others won’t. The smaller office building where I work is run by a big property manager and we still have boxes of Philips Alto fluorescent tubes in maintenance closets… Either we are a good customer for an upgrade or the property manager is in no way ready to go to LEDs yet.

Also liked the discussion on what you hear from your son David on which lighting manufacturers are easy for FSG and other distributors to work with.. The thing is surprising me is how willing some of the NEMRA-type reps are to partner with some fairly unknown LED companies. I am sure they are legit manufactures, but it would seem to change the discussion on branding.

One last thought: don’t give up on your Yankees yet, even though they had a rough time up in Boston. Will be a fun pennant run for you guys. My Kansas City Royals are in rebuild mode right now, but I like what I see from some of the young guys trying to make their mark… We can’t complain. A World Series flag from 2015 and getting to the seventh game of the World Series in 2014 before we got Bumgarner-ed by the Giants. Everyone has to reload at some point these days with the ways contracts are going, even the big-money clubs.

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