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Human-Centric Office Lighting ‘Boosts Productivity’

The installation of ‘human-centric’ lighting at the office of the property company CBRE has boosted productivity by 18 per cent, results of an experiment show. Additionally, work accuracy improved by 12 per cent, 76 per cent of employees reported feeling happier and half felt healthier. The findings – by scientists from the Twente University, The Free University Amsterdam – will be seized on by the lighting industry as long-awaited hard evidence that investment in dynamic lighting gives a tangible return. The time-controlled lighting system features a ‘circadian-friendly’ lighting sequence, which varies the colour temperature and intensity during the course of the day. Employees are stimulated during the morning and early afternoon with high illuminance levels and cool indirect white light. At midday and late afternoon, the light levels fall and become warmer. The general lighting pendants feature direct light with a colour temperature of 4000K and ulta-cool indirect monochrome light of 6500K.

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2 comments on “Human-Centric Office Lighting ‘Boosts Productivity’

  1. Dawn De Grazio says:

    But will it last, or will this be another example of the “Hawthorne effect”?

  2. Rod Heller says:

    Dawn, you may be right. I would really need to see the paper.

    The only place where I can 100% justify tunable or dynamic lighting is in a facility where people spend 24 hours/day, like nursing homes. We have done special needs and lower grades in schools with good results.

    I have just not seen any hard data that we need to vary the color of the light during our work day. When you leave work, is it yellow out, no, it is still probably 7 or 8,000k. Why do it in a work environment to walk back out into a rich blue environment?

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