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IKEA Enters the Smart Lighting Fray

IKEA’s new Trådfri line starts as low as $18.70 in the UK for a single remote-controlled bulb that can dim or brighten via a stylish IKEA handheld “steering wheel.” Unlike more sophisticated smart bulbs, the bulb does not change color temperatures — let alone color. A $36 version of the same bulb includes three different warmth settings. Neither bulb connects to the Internet or responds to smartphone apps. The limited functionality might hook consumers on smart lighting, which has remained a niche market as consumers balk at much higher price tags for fancier systems. The IKEA entry-level bulbs fit existing sockets and do not require any other expenditure. The company will begin selling Trådfri in the UK, US, and continental Europe in April. http://www.ledsmagazine.com/articles/2017/03/ikea-enters-the-smart-lighting-fray.html

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