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Ikea Makes Grab for Affordable Smart Lighting Market

Ikea, the flat-pack furniture giant, has announced that it is to release an affordable range of smart luminaires that can be controlled wirelessly using a remote control. Although the smart lighting market has been growing, it is still often confined only too expensive, high end, products. Ikea’s TRÅDFRI LED smart luminaires are simple screw-in fixtures that are able to sit in pendant lights and lamps. The plug and play solution features a tiny transmitter that has been installed within the luminaire, which can communicate with a remote control. The remote device is able to control up to ten LED light sources around the house and can adjust lighting levels from a warm yellow glow all the way through to ‘full beam’ brightness. It will also be possible to control the lights using a smartphone app but this will require a hub, similar to the Philips Hue. The luminaires will be available to buy in stores in April next year. http://luxreview.com/article/2016/09/ikea-makes-grab-for-affordable-smart-lighting-market-

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