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Intelligent Cloud-Based Street Lighting System

Lighting Reality, a UK-based company, is all set to revolutionize street lighting by using cloud computing. In the new street lighting system, users can automate the analysis of luminaires, which helps manufacturers and electricity departments to calculate how a product would perform in as per different road configurations and luminaire placements. Usually, street lighting design applications can calculate a single set of calculations for a single luminaire with one road and luminaire configuration. But the new technology—Advanced Calculation Engine (ACE)—which is browser-based, can calculate the results for many different luminaires, across a number of roads, lampposts, and luminaire configurations. The new technology will become popular because of the calculations it can do, which will help planners and highways authorities to justify the lighting costs. The system ensures that they conform to standards like EN13201 in Europe, CIE standards and IES RP08 in the USA.

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