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A.L.P. Advantage: LED Pod Performance

A.L.P. is pleased to introduce the S22T, a large reflector/refractor designed for UFO/POD style LED high bay light fixtures. Part of the LexaLite® brand’s flagship Reflexor® product family, the S22T is 22” in diameter, 11” high, and is optimized to allow high beam angles from LED arrays. Its brightness control and wide distribution make the S22T a superior choice for retail, athletic, warehouse, and other lighting applications. The S22T features a 16.75” round top that can be cut to accommodate LED board/sources up to 16.6” in diameter, without the need for expensive collars. Its bottom flange is designed to work with standard 22” bottom lenses, clamp bands, and wire guards. http://www.alplighting.com/images/products/pdf/pdf2S22T%2059b6a8eee.pdf

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