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Le Mans Drivers to Sample LED Eyewear for Alertness

There’s nothing like a world stage to promote an emerging technology. In international auto racing, the stage doesn’t get much bigger than Le Mans, the grueling 24-hour endurance contest and the latest sporting event where Osram will trial specially-adjusted LED lighting to help keep drivers and crew alert. Osram is providing LED-equipped glasses, tunable to blue, to drivers of the two-car BMW M Motorsport team and is outfitting BMW’s pit control area with blue-hued luminaires at the event, coming up this Saturday and Sunday at the fabled Circuit de la Sarthe raceway near Le Mans, France. 24 Hours of Le Mans — as it’s officially known — pushes drivers to the limit of exhaustion, so Osram is delivering jolts of blue frequency light through eyeglasses to drivers who want it, because the wavelength is known to work as a stimulant. https://www.ledsmagazine.com/

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