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LED Lighting Has to Meet Consumer Needs, Says TLLIA Executive

It is already difficult to make a profit from the competitive general LED lighting market where there is little room for hiking luminous efficiency and prices have dropped to rock-bottom levels. But innovative smart LED lighting that allows personalization and lighting ambience adjustments offers a “blue ocean,” according to Hsiao Horng-ching, secretary general for Taiwan LED Lighting Industry Association (TLLIA). Currently, 99% of so-called smart lighting products focus on smart control without addressing the fundamental concept of smart lighting. Smart lighting is both about control and health, the former referring to use of sensors to automatically adjust lighting and the latter to how to brightness adjustments can make it most comfortable and healthful for human eyes. Therefore, smart lighting should be able to create the most comfortable and healthful lighting ambience via automatic adjustment based on users’ activities, Hsiao explained. https://www.digitimes.com/news/a20180903PD201.html

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