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LED On Washington Metro Enrages City Bigwigs

The trains on the Washington Metro, which is the third largest and third busiest transport system in the United States, have recently been upgraded to feature white-blue LED light. Detractors of the upgrade, of which there are many, have labeled the new light as ‘clinical’ and have equated their commutes to ‘walking into a giant Xerox machine’. The architecture of the Washington Metro and indeed the original lighting scheme is considered to be something of a design classic by architects and lighting designers alike. The lighting scheme was developed by the iconic lighting designer William Lam and it is widely viewed as being one of the finest examples of integrated lighting design in the world. Working in conjunction with the Metro’s architect, Harry Weese, who developed the network in the Brutalist style, Lam created a lighting scheme that set out to be comprised of warm light, in direct juxtaposition to the hard concrete style of the stations. He also aimed to create a lighting design that prevented commuters from feeling claustrophobic. It remains to be seen if the majority of Washingtonians will be won over to their ever brightening Metro network, but with further LED train conversions in the pipeline, commuters may have no choice but to adapt. http://luxreview.com/

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2 comments on “LED On Washington Metro Enrages City Bigwigs

  1. James Benya says:

    Another LED retrofit without regard to the original lighting design and color of light. If the clods who did this retrofit were painters, the would spray paint the Sistene Chapel ceiling bright white to make the space more energy efficient.

  2. Deborah Moran says:

    Something has gone wrong in lighting design recently. My brother who had done lighting for theater and bands told his wife that she could paint the walls any color she wanted and he could change them with lighting. In the wrong hands, this can be wielded as a weapon! Hollywood deliberately used this cold lighting in programs like The Munsters, The Addams Family, The Exorcist, and other stories designed to create a feeling of foreboding. Just as I always wondered why paint color had to be institutional and drab, I fail to understand why lighting must be harsh and uncomfortable. There is no visibility, crime, or financial study that requires this to be the case.

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