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LEDs’ Long Life Expectancy Can Shrink Business for Players

LED lighting has indeed changed the face of lighting business. Not only do they conserve energy, but also last for a long period of time. However, LED lights long durability factor can actually become a ‘curse’ for companies who produce and sell them, as they can’t make good business from products that require no replacement. In order to put some control over such a situation, companies such as Cree (based in US) and UrbanVolt (based in Ireland), have come up with an innovative solution. They claim that they no longer sell light bulbs but “light”. Although, today, there is a huge market to cater to, but the LED market is shrinking, as with every building or every resident shifting to LED lighting, it is one less customer to cater to. So in the next five to 10 years LED business will boom, but after that it will start shrinking, unless the players find out innovative ways to cater to. http://bizled.co.in/leds-long-life-expectancy-can-shrink-business-for-players/

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