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LEDs, ‘Making Light Pollution Worse’

The transition from sodium to LED exterior lighting over recent years appears to have made global light pollution worse not better, scientists have reported. A team of researchers who studied Nasa images say that in the last four years the illuminated area of the earth grew by 2 per cent. The researchers published the findings in the journal Science Advances. http://advances.sciencemag.org/content/3/11/e1701528.full The growth was most pronounced in developing nations. To make matters worse, the light sensor on the satellite – a radiometer – is not able to measure the bluer part of the spectrum of light that LEDs emit, meaning that visible light pollution is even worse than that measured. The findings are certain to increase the pressure on the lighting industry to take light pollution seriously and improve the optics and upward light control. http://luxreview.com/article/2017/11/leds-making-light-pollution-worse-

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3 comments on “LEDs, ‘Making Light Pollution Worse’

  1. The other Bill says:

    “Light pollution” is a misnomer. As underdeveloped nations advance economically, they build roads and light them, businesses get signage and with increased efficacy LEDs
    more streets, malls, campuses and outdoor areas are illuminated. LEDs direct more light downward and as more roads are paved, more homes are built, more roofs are shingled, there’s more reflected light. The only problem with LED street lights is that the housings have reduced cross section and they lack the cut-off of high angle glare, which is annoying to drivers at night. A brighter earth reflects a more prosperous one- not pollution.

  2. The other Bill says:

    Pls put a comma after the first “LEDs”.

  3. BillAttardi says:

    Ok Other Bill, I put in the comma…….you happy now?
    Prosperity always causes pollution. Maybe you remember the Industrial Age!
    …….but we will get it right, we always do. Merry Christmas ole buddy…

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