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LEDs Prompt Rising Military Tensions in Disputed Kashmir

Tensions in Kashmir are rising thanks to a conspiracy theory, spreading like wildfire, that government supplied LED luminaires are equipped with ‘spy sensors’, which betray the location of militants to the Indian government. Kashmir, which lies on the borders of India, Pakistan and China, is one of the world’s most militarized areas. In response to the rumor mill Kashmiris have begun smashing the luminaires in the street and have started looking for alternatives. The Jammu and Kashmir government, which is part of the Indian state, has denied that the LEDs play any role other than illumination, and are instead part of an India-wide scheme to get more people using LED luminaires in the home. ‘We’re told that within minutes of militants having switched on the lights in the house where they had taken refuge, the army storm the hideout. http://luxreview.com/

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