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LEDVANCE adds flexible strip lighting system, TruSys for industrial applications

LEDVANCE adds flexible strip lighting system, TruSys for industrial applications

New robust, easy-fit TruSys LED luminaires from LEDVANCE are ideal for industrial applications, offering energy efficient lighting solutions that meet the demanding requirements of factories, workshops and warehouses.

Flexible trunking system for fast installation

Consisting of mounting rails and flat linear lighting inserts, the new flexible trunking system TruSys offers homogeneous and energy-saving lighting for large areas. The lighting inserts can be easily clicked into place either as a continuous or intermittent lighting strip and mounted on the ceiling surface or suspended.  The TruSys family of products from LEDVANCE can be installed in rows of up to 81 luminaries, achieving an overall length of 124metres, making them ideal for large industrial spaces.

The exclusive “Scale” luminaire design is also used for the TruSys family with its high-quality and lightweight anodized aluminum housing. The mounting brackets are recessed in the rails and therefore almost invisible from the outside which adds to TruSys’ clean appearance, and internal holders keep the luminaire in place whilst being mounted. With a luminous efficacy of 135 lumen per watt, they are very energy-efficient.

TruSys offers four different lenses: the wide-beam lens has a homogenous light distribution for uniform wide-area illumination in rooms with low ceilings – for example in workshops and factories. The narrow-beam lens offers the ideal lighting in areas with high ceilings, which is needed in high-bay warehouses. The double asymmetric lens version has bidirectional light distribution and is ideal for illuminating two shelves; and the wallwasher version offers single directional light distribution for highlighting single shelves or walls. The selection of the right lighting solution for each area within industrial applications helps to boost concentration, eliminate errors and improve efficiency.

All versions of the TruSys family are available in warm white, cool white or daylight color temperatures to help create the ideal working conditions.







SOURCE: https://www.wnie.online/ledvance-adds-flexible-strip-lighting-system-trusys-for-industrial-applications/

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