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LEDVANCE Brings Together Strengths of West and East

LEDVANCE hosted a press conference on June 10th. The new CEO of LEDVANCE, Jacob C. Tarn Ph.D., with his management team revealed the company strategy “LEDVANCE 2.0”. Dr. Tarn described the three characteristics of the LED lighting market: 1. Irrationality 2. Intense business competition 3. Dynamic. The global strategy could no longer respond to this radically changed market dynamics in different areas. Thus, it has been essential for LEDVANCE to adjust its business strategy. Dr. Tarn outlined five core strategic initiatives for LEDVANCE to achieve its long-term vision of becoming the leading LED general lighting company globally:1. Leadership 2. Business development 3. Research and development 4. Outstanding supply chain management 5. Manufacturing and sourcing. Details at: https://www.ledinside.com/showreport/2018/6/ledvane_creates_integration_of_west_and_east

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