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Lifx Unveils Three New Mini Smart Bulbs That Work with Siri

It’s called Lifx Mini, and it comes in three varieties: a fully color-changing bulb for $45, a color-tunable, white light bulb for $30, and a fixed white light bulb at 2,700K for $25. As the name suggests, each Mini bulb sports a slightly more compact design than before, but still puts out a healthy 800 lumens of light at peak brightness, which is roughly comparable to a 60W incandescent despite only drawing 9W each. The previous generation of Lifx bulbs put out a much more ample 1,100 lumens — Lifx plans to continue making and selling them at a price of $60 each you can dim them up and down or change their color using a Siri command. Beyond HomeKit, Lifx bulbs also work with Amazon’s Alexa, the Google Home smart speaker, IFTTT, Logitech Harmony and more. Watch the showdown between Lifx and its top competitor, Philips Hue:

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