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Lighting Controls Lead LED Conversation by Naomi Millán

Lightfair International is where the entire lighting industry gets together to debut innovations and showcase future concepts. It’s an enormous show, but meeting with a dozen or so manufacturers of products geared at commercial facilities, some themes start to emerge. Here are three observations from LFI2019 facility managers should keep on their radar:

  1. Performance: LED fixtures, while numerous, do not have a staggering amount of differentiation between them. How manufacturers are seeking to differentiate their product is through a performance arms race.
  2. Controls: Lighting controls are the biggest area of growth in lighting. LED luminaires with onboard sensors have reached a point of maturity where they are highly capable and increasingly affordable. But without controls, it’s like having a smartphone with no apps.
  3. Data: Smart LED luminaires with on board sensors and robust controls can do everything from track assets to analyze space utilization. But beyond gathering data with the lights, facilities can now transmit data WITH the lights.–43973

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