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Lighting the Way Across the Big Four Bridges

As a result of some innovative lighting work, a rusted railroad bridge has become a stunningly eye-appealing destination. The Big Four Bridge, built in 1895 and updated in 1929, is a former railroad truss bridge crossing the Ohio River, connecting Louisville, Ky., with Jeffersonville, Ind. After being closed for a number of years, the bridge was reopened in early 2013 as a combination pedestrian-bicycle bridge—1,800 feet shore to shore, and about 2,500 feet from end to end, including ramps on both sides. What is unique about the bridge isn’t that it is limited to pedestrians and bicyclists; it’s the lighting—some 1,500 LED lights strategically strung across the bridge and programmed for multiple colors and patterns. The lights were provided by Philips Lighting, designed and programmed by Vincent Lighting Systems, and installed by Advanced Electrical Systems Inc. (AES) of Louisville.

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