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Logistics as a Service, L(o)aaS by Steve Bryne, COO at Facility Solutions Group

LaaS may not be what you think it is. In the disrupted world of lighting distribution, the paths to market are ever changing. Manufacturers find themselves partnering with end users and traditional supply chain customers to bring products and solutions to the market in new and innovative ways.

National projects for LED lighting and controls have inherent complications and challenges that go beyond the capabilities of traditional Third-Party Logistics (3PL) providers. FSG’s experience in material management for end user national roll-outs provide a base line for Logistics as a Service,
L(o)aaS. By helping manufacturers manage material and last mile coordination with select installation partners, thousands of sites across the country are reaping the rewards of reduced energy consumption and better line of site into operations. Key elements of FSG’s L(o)aaS program include dedicated warehousing, material tracking, last mile coordination, inventory reporting and reconciliation, and live data integration at the systems level.

While the paths to market may be changing, the collaboration of key elements in the supply chain, namely manufacturing, distribution and installation still provide the back bone for delivering real value and results to the end user. https://www1.fsgi.com/

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