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Lucid Motors Introduces LiDAR Integrated ADAS for Lucid Air

Lucid Motors announced its DreamDrive, an ADAS (advanced driver assistance system) combining sensing solutions. Lucid Air that will be delivered in early 2021 is expected to be the first to market with the combination of a driver monitoring system and a sensor suite that includes high-resolution LIDAR as standard equipment. According to Lucid Motors, its electric vehicle will enter the market with 32 sensors comprised of the camera, radar and ultrasonic sensors, as well as a long-range, high-resolution LIDAR placed at the front of the car. The comprehensive sensor suite also includes an in-car driver monitoring system designed to share relevant information with the driver while ensuring their necessary attention to the driving configuration. (LiDAR, which stands for Light Detection and Ranging, is a remote sensing technology that functions by illuminating a target with a pulsed laserand measuring the round-trip time (Time of Flight) of reflected pulses with a sensor to determine its distance.)

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