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Lumecon Detroit Series™ (LDS) Forward Throw LED Wall Pack

The Lumencon LDS-FT offers a bold, rugged Detroit inspired design that performs efficiently and reliably in any outdoor environment. The tiered wattage / lumen packages deliver exactly the light output needed for the job without wasting energy or efficiency and is a perfect fixture for building facades, general security, storage areas, tunnel and entry door applications. The LDS-FT utilizes the Lumecon ETDThermal Design backed by an industry leading 10 year L70 performance based warranty and protected by 20kA / 40kV Extreme Rated Surge protection. The Lumecon Detroit Series Forward Throw, inspired, designed, engineered, built and shipped from the USA, proudly boasting the most US content possible.

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2 comments on “Lumecon Detroit Series™ (LDS) Forward Throw LED Wall Pack

  1. James Benya says:

    We need to be sensitive towards environmental impacts of light at night. The BUG rating of a 25 watt luminaire is B=0, U=3 and G = 3. Higher wattage luminaires reach U=5 and G=5 at only 80 watts. Having grown up in Detroit I appreciate the style, but these need proper shielding. ALso I would like to see a 2200K version for sensitive environments.

    • Robert Shaw says:

      Jim we totally agree with you! Conventional FT (forward throw) wallpacks were tasked for decades with blasting out a large lumen output of light; regardless of cut-off or dark sky considerations! A total waste of lumen, energy, and aesthetics! Precisely WHY Lumecon’s LDS-FT “High Efficiency” series includes internal, customized reflectors that mitigate that inefficiency, and redirect those lumens to meet/exceed all DLC design criteria! If total dark-skies, full-cut-off lighting is your target, then check out Lumecon’s LDS-FCW (full cut-off wallpacks) Series. Built / Cast in Michigan with the same aesthetic flair and architectural detail, the LDS-FCW is a T2, T3, T4, T5, full cut-off LED wallpack series, exceeding DLC Premium Standards, while delivering zero uplight! Thanks for your thoughts and observations! To learn more, please visit our website at and click on the “DOWNLOAD” section. You will see all of the new, growing, USA MADE DETROIT SERIES LED solutions!! (Be sure to check back! There are several new options in the pipeline that are also about to launch!) Stay safe, be well, thank you for considering the Lumecon Detroit Series Fleet.

      Lumecon is 10YRs to L70, ALL-PARTS (driver included), featuring 40kV Extreme Rated Surge Protection, Tuneable LED drivers, and a 100,000 HR rated lifetime of continuous use to L70 output! Lots of Blue Collar Muscle from the MOTOR CITY!!

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