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NAILD Podcast #29 The Lighting Renaissance Man – Bill Attardi

Listen to gripping discussions about hot topics in the lighting industry by tuning into the Get a Grip on Lighting podcast series, the official podcast of NAILD. Produced by NAILD members Michael Colligan of Atlas Lighting and Greg Ehrich of Premier Lighting, the podcasts provide a unique forum for industry thought leaders to get together and discuss trending lighting topics and business strategies. Podcast #29 is sponsored by Kurtzon… After 53 years in the lighting game, Bill Attardi of Attardi Marketing is as feisty as ever. As a lighting Renaissance man, his career is as full as it is diverse: salesman, manager, executive, owner, consultant and teacher. Watch podcast host Michael Colligan and Greg Ehrich of Premier Lighting grapple with him for some very interesting insights into the new lighting game.

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3 comments on “NAILD Podcast #29 The Lighting Renaissance Man – Bill Attardi

  1. BillAttardi says:

    Dearest Oracle-
    I just spent the last 42 minutes absorbing every word communicated to me on Lighting; Past, Present and Future from the “Renaissance Man” during the NAILD Podcast.
    This was Bill Attardi at his Best. You are truly “The Oracle”.
    Thank you for a terrific perspective on our industry.

    David Shapiro, LC , IESME
    Director, National Account Sales

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  2. BillAttardi says:

    gary thomas
    Bill is one of the best. Have known this guy since our Army days (thanks to Bill and me, the U.S. was never invaded by Italy or Brazil) and our early careers at Westinghouse, plus a couple more at Philips. Can’t say enough good things about him (some of it is even true!).
    He’s a man to be admired.

  3. Marc McCord says:

    I have know Bill for more than 25 years. His days with Advance and Philips, and his “training the trainers” series for us made us all better salespeople. I think Bill always enjoyed being a consultant more than anything because it meant more time for golf. He is not only a giant in the lighting industry but also a genuinely nice and caring man with a smile that lights up a room. Hit ’em straight, Bill…

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