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New Study Shows Need for LED Lighting in Senior Centers

The facility in California installed LED lighting that would change color and intensity throughout the day.  The tuned lighting was used in corridors during the day, and dimmed at night. The four month study monitored 63 residents with an average age of 88.3 years old. 71% of the people in the study were women. While nursing homes are turning to LED lighting as a cost savings measure, the study suggests LED lighting will also improve the health of residents. Residents exposed to fluorescent lighting woke up on an average of 3.6 times overnight, while those exposed to the LED lighting had 1.8 sleep disturbances a night.

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2 comments on “New Study Shows Need for LED Lighting in Senior Centers

  1. Rod Heller says:

    Interesting, it is more than just LED. It is about color, timing, and intensity over a 24 hour period to simulate the day-night cycle for people who seldom get outside.

    With more detail this case study will be good support for our IRB approved study in 4 nursing homes; 2 subject and 2 control, over 2 years. We anticipate having results in 2021. Extracting data from medical charts during Covid-19 is a time consuming, laborious task, but we are getting there!

  2. Tess Ferrell says:

    this article really helpful for me.

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