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News Updates for the Week of March 14

1. U.S. Green Building Council Releases List of Top States in the U.S. for LEED-Certified Projects in 2010 – The top LEED states per capita (square feet of LEED-certified space per person), including the District of Columbia:

 District of Columbia: 25.15 sf
 Nevada: 10.92 sf
 New Mexico: 6.35 sf
 New Hampshire: 4.49 sf
 Oregon: 4.07 sf
 South Carolina: 3.19 sf
 Washington: 3.16 sf
 Illinois: 3.09 sf
 Arkansas: 2.9 sf
 Colorado: 2.85 sf
 Minnesota: 2.77 sf
 New Mexico 6.0 sf
 New Hampshire 4.0 sf
 Oregon 6.0 sf

For the full list of LEED-certified projects visit:

2. Solid State and Other Energy Efficient Lighting Systems Application Market Trends (2010 – 2015) The increasing demand for energy-saving and environment-friendly lighting technology is driving the growth of the global solid state and other energy efficient lighting Systems market. The global solid state and other energy efficient lighting systems market is expected to grow from $28,248.7 million in 2010 to $53,469.5 million in 2015, at an estimated CAGR of 9.7% from 2010 to 2015. Amongst all the market segments, compact fluorescent lamps command the largest share in terms of revenues, while light emitting diode is the second largest market due to the globally increasing demand for energy efficient lightings, which, in turn has arisen due to the shift of the governments’ focus worldwide towards environmental concern to protect the planet from global warming. While light emitting diode had contributed 31.2% to the global solid state and other energy efficient lighting systems market revenues in 2010, organic light emitting diode market is expected to have the highest CAGR of 44.0% from 2010 to 2015.

3. Weekly U.S. Retail Gasoline Prices, Regular Grade –

4.  California is Lighting the Way California will continue to adopt the additional performance standards one year early to ensure maximum savings. Source: California Energy Commission.

5. Light Bulb Law Stokes Fury in Senate Hearing – Light bulbs sparked heated discussions this morning during a Senate legislative hearing on two energy efficiency bills. At issue is a provision in a 2007 energy law that would phase out the sale of the most energy-hungry light bulbs over the next few years, starting at the end of this year. Republicans want to repeal the language, saying it represents government overreach. But Democrats argue the standards are crucial to save energy and spur investment in new, more efficient lighting options. 3/10 NY Times

5. Modesto, CA Oks Projects to Save Energy – Modesto, CA expects to save at least $115,000 a year on its power bill by upgrading light bulbs and fixtures at the Modesto Centre Plaza — the city’s convention center — as well as with upgrades at other city facilities. The city will spend $1.95 million in federal stimulus money on the project. The project calls for: 3/9 The Modesto Bee

 Replacing about 1,400 older light bulbs and fixtures with energy-saving lights.
 Replacing 25 heating and cooling units at 13 buildings.
 Installing energy-saving bulbs in 700 streetlights and upgrading the lighting at the downtown Transportation Center
 Installing solar panels at the police training facility.

6. Los Angeles County Homeowners Now Eligible for Energy Efficiency Rebates and Incentives – Homeowners in Los Angeles County can now qualify for rebates and financial incentives of up to $4,500, and save money on their monthly utility bills by implementing energy-saving upgrades to their homes as part of a new program called Energy Upgrade California. An unprecedented collaboration among federal, state and local governments as well as regional utilities, Energy Upgrade California in Los Angeles County expects to retrofit up to 18,000 homes. 3/9 MARKETWIRE

7. Cree and Zumtobel Extend LED Downlight Agreement – Cree, Inc. announced a two-year extension of the strategic agreement signed with Zumtobel Lighting GmbH in 2008. The companies continue to work together to bring industry-leading LED lighting to Europe. 3/4 BUSINESS WIRE

8. 2011 DOE Solid-State Lighting Manufacturing R&D Workshop April 12–13, 2011, Boston, MA,

9. GE Names President of Lighting Division – GE Home & Business Solutions announced that Maryrose Sylvester has been named president and CEO of GE Lighting. Sylvester, who will report to GE Appliances & Lighting president and CEO James Campbell, succeeds Michael Petras who has led GE Lighting since 2008. Sylvester is a 23-year GE veteran, 14 years of which were spent at GE Lighting. She has led GE Intelligent Platforms, a global provider of software, hardware, services and expertise in automation and embedded computing, since 2006. 3/8 HCN

10. Green Mountain Power Proposes Helping Towns Convert to Efficient LED Streetlights – Green Mountain Power and Efficiency Vermont are partnering on an unprecedented effort to help every town in GMP service territory change over to more energy efficient LED street lights. With the support of Efficiency Vermont, Green Mountain Power expects to replace thousands of mercury vapor and high pressure sodium street lights with new energy-efficient LED street lights in towns throughout its service territory. 3/4 MARKETWIRE

11. Solais Lighting Ships Industry’s First 1200 Lumen PAR38 LED Lamp Replacements – Solais Lighting, Inc., the leading manufacturer of lightweight, specification-grade LED lamps with Luxiance technology, announced the launch of the industry’s highest-lumen PAR38 LED lamp replacement. The impressive LR38/25/30/1200 lamp offers a 1200-lumen output at a warm-white 3000K color temperature, with results backed by independent lab tests. In addition, the product matches the lumens and optical performance of the halogen lamps it is targeting to replace – allowing LED retrofits with no compromises to original lighting designs. In addition to the new 1200-lumen LR38 lamp, Solais has released 1000-lumen LR30 long-neck and 900-lumen LR30 short-neck lamps.

12. California’s Largest Utilities Hit 18% Renewables in 2010 – California’s three large investor-owned utilities (IOUs) collectively served 18% of their 2010 retail electricity sales with renewable power in 2010, according to the California Public Utilities Commission (CPU). The three are: Pacific Gas and Electric Company with 17.7%; Southern California Edison with 19.4%; and San Diego Gas and Electric Company with 11.9%. The previous year, they totaled 15% of sales from renewables. 3/8 EERE State Energy News

13. EPA requires Energy Star TVs to Use 40% Less Energy – The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is upping the ante on TV efficiency by announcing Wednesday that models earning its Energy Star logo will soon be required to use 40% less energy than conventional models. The agency said the stricter television standards, which take effect this September, are the first in a series of revisions it plans this year for more than 20 products. It says current Energy Star-qualified TVs could represent 70% of the market in 2011 because of strong consumer demand and retailer support. 3/10 USA Today

14. Johnson Controls Guarantees $4.7 Billion in Savings for U.S. Public Sector Energy Efficiency Projects – Johnson Controls disclosed its current public sector building efficiency projects in the United States are guaranteed to save more than $4.7 billion in reduced energy, water and operational costs over the next 10 years. Additionally, it has already produced over $19 billion in energy savings for both its public and private sector customers. Johnson Controls Building Efficiency business unit, a global leader in making public and private buildings more energy efficient, has over 1,000 active projects in federal, state and local government facilities across 50 states, including administration buildings, hospitals, universities, schools, airports, correctional facilities and public housing.

15. Lighting Science Group enters L Prize with 60W-equivalent LED lamp – Lighting Science Group Corporation, a Florida-based LED lighting manufacturer, has developed a 60-watt replacement LED lamp with Light Prescriptions Innovators, LLC (LPI), and plans to submit the device for the L Prize competition. The L Prize was established by the DOE to promote the development of highly-efficient, high-quality LED replacements for the traditional 60-watt light bulbs. Philips was the first to submit an L Prize entry in September 2009, and no other companies have stepped forward until now. An additional section of the L Prize, covering PAR-38 LED lamps, was temporarily suspended earlier this year.

16. A New Brain for Energy Efficiency Retrofits – Retroficiency, a startup out of MIT, says its software and deep data analysis can make the process of identifying which buildings in a portfolio of hundreds are ripe for efficiency retrofits a lot easier and cheaper. Retroficiency’s software-as-a-service (Saas) platform is designed to replace a lot of the manual and time-intensive work that ESCOs and property owners must go through today to plan and execute efficiency retrofits. Retroficiency’s software aims to cut those costs by delving through tens of thousands of pieces of data to compare potential retrofit target buildings to others of the same square footage, age of construction, use and occupancy patterns and reams of similar data. The end result is a “very accurate characterization” of each building’s energy use, typically within 3 percent accuracy. That can help narrow down which buildings are fruitful targets for energy savings, versus those that won’t offer as much payback.

17. Westinghouse Lighting Solutions Sells Assets to LumenOptix, LLC – “We view the acquisition of Westinghouse Lighting Solutions’ assets as an opportunity to fuel our future growth,” says Jay Goodman, Principal of LumenOptix. The transition of assets which includes inventory, equipment and personnel, will be coordinated to insure consistent service to customers. The LumenOptix team will continue to operate in the Westinghouse Lighting Solutions facility until the transition is complete in June, 2011.

18. GLOBALCON – Energy, Power & Facilities Management Strategies & Technologies Conference and Expo – March 30-31, 201 – Philadelphia Convention Center – Hall E

19. 2011 ENERGY STAR Products Partner Meeting – EPA announces that the annual 2011 ENERGY STAR Products Partner Meeting for Lighting, Appliances & Electronics will be held in Charlotte, North Carolina from November 7-10, 2011. The four day meeting will include plenary sessions with policy and program updates at the national, regional, and local levels; topical sessions to expand on certain plenary topics and address a range of product-specific issues.

20. Intelligent Lighting Controls for Commercial Buildings – Though lighting represents about 17.5% of all global electricity consumption, only a small percentage of the lighting in commercial buildings is controlled by anything other than an ON/OFF switch. A number of trends are leading to increased adoption of intelligent lighting controls. A number of trends are leading to increased adoption of intelligent lighting controls. A Pike Research report describes eight different lighting control strategies and the types of applications to which they are applicable, provides an update on sensor and control technologies, and discusses different options for wireless control and integration with other building systems. The report also features in-depth profiles and SWOT analyses of 24 key industry players.

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