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No Light Switches at Cisco’s Own Berlin Smart Building

openBerlin is one of nine Cisco innovation centers around the world where Cisco and startups hash out ideas and co-develop next-generation networking technologies such as smart lighting. “You don’t see any light switches here,” said Bernd Heinrichs, managing director of Internet of Everything (IoE) Sales for openBerlin Innovation Centre. “Everything is automated. Heating, air conditioning, the lights, et cetera…All of it’s done by a huge amount of sensors. We have 5000 sensors installed now, and we probably will go to 10,000 very soon,” he said. The sensors — largely from German supplier Bosch — are peppered around the walls and ceilings, in some cases hidden away in or near connected lighting fixtures. Some automatically adjust light settings depending on room occupancy, but they’re not all for lighting per se. They detect not only room occupancy but climatic conditions like room temperature. They feed data about what they notice into the building’s central IT systems, which in turn can trigger actions such as turning the heating or cooling system on, off, up, or down. Users can change not only on/off and brightness settings but also the color and color temperature of the ceiling panel LED luminaires via network commands, a hallmark of PoE lighting.

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