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Now, Another Way to Talk to Your Lights: Apple’s Homepod

Apple’s HomePod — the company’s long-time-coming answer to Amazon’s Echo — will indeed allow users to verbally command their LED lights to turn on, off, brighten, dim, and change colors and color temperature. HomePod is a smart speaker and voice receiver that Apple is positioning first and foremost as a music device. The company is lauding HomePod’s superior sound quality, explaining that it has crafted “beam-forming tweeters, a high-excursion woofer and automatic spatial awareness,” all into a stylish 7-in.-high box. While Apple is focusing attention on the audio side — it had to do something to stand out given that HomePod comes more than three years after Amazon’s Echo personal assistant speaker, and over a year after Google’s Home — HomePod will do plenty of other things. Like the smart lighting.

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