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Osram Demonstrates Human Centric Lighting Technology at Boston TechJam

The eyewear displayed was the version Osram provided for the German ski team in the 2018 Winter Olympic Game in Pyeongchang. Attendees of the event could try on the eyewear and experience the light shift with varying color temperature and intensities that provide desired outcome for the benefit of athletes. Equipped with LED, the eyewear could replicate different levels of daylight, helping the body to adjust to various environments, which is advantageous for athletes as they often need to deal with jet lag or to compete at off hours. The devices were also offered to the BMW Motorsport team during the 24-hour races in 2017 and 2018. HCL focuses on biological circadian system of human body, aiming to utilize the lighting technology to emulate natural light for enhancing the physical and psychological condition of people. The applications of HCL are being used for healthcare, commercial lighting, home lighting and education. https://www.ledinside.com/

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