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Our Human-Centric Lighting ‘Boosts Patient Recovery’

LEDVANCE has introduced a range of so-called human-centric lighting products which it claims will improve patient recovery in hospitals. The Biolux HCL range provides ‘biologically optimised’ day-to-night lighting which the company says reflects natural circadian rhythms to benefit both patients and medical staff, improving sleep regularity, concentration and mood. Besides supporting the sleep rhythms of patients, the lighting can also improve the wellbeing and productivity of hospital staff, especially in rooms which are often without natural daylight such as X-Ray or MRI rooms. Furthermore, specific lighting designed for night shifts keeps staff active and alert at the late hour without desynchronising their body clock. The range consists of a control unit, panel and downlight which communicate wirelessly with each other. https://www.luxreview.com/2020/07/28/our-human-centric-lights-boost-patient-recovery-says-ledvance/

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