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Patent Granted to Apple for Automotive Lighting and Warning System

According to the claim of the patent, the vehicle lighting system is comprised with a control circuitry, one or more sensors and a light-based device. The sensor detects the distance in between cars and if it finds the following car is getting too close, the light-based device will display information accordingly. For example, the system could offer the following drivers the suggested distance to brake. Aside from providing only lighting function, Apple aims to develop a reflector system around the car which is embedded with light emitters to indicate more information for other drivers. The type of light emitter could be LEDs or other light-based technology including backlight guides, OLED and LCD display panels or light modulators based on liquid crystals. Moreover, the light-up areas could be in multiple colors to show symbols, text, numbers, and other patterns, showing more practical information. The communicating function of sending messages is also applicable with the system.

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