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Philips 65W Replacement BR30 Floodlight LED with Warm Glow Dimming

Philips’ newest BR30-shaped floodlight bulb is as efficient as floodlights come, it’s near flawless on dimmer switches, it turns warmer and more candle-like in tone as you dim it down — and, at about $14 for a three-pack at Home Depot, it costs a fraction of what bulbs like this used to cost back when I started. Along with best-yet brightness and efficiency and an improved lifespan of 22.8 years, the biggest step forward for Philips here might be the bulb’s warranty. Last time I tested floodlights in 2017, Philips was warranting its bulbs for three years. Now, in 2019, that figure is up to 10 years, which finally matches North Carolina lighting manufacturer Cree, a key competitor with Philips on those Home Depot shelves.  Cree’s latest floodlight LED is an excellent pick, but the Philips 65-watt replacement floodlight is almost equally strong. In fact, it’s brighter and more efficient than Cree while still costing a quarter or two less per bulb. That makes it one of the strongest values in the lighting aisle, and a terrific choice if you’re in need of new overhead lights.

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