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Philips Acquires French Li-Fi Company

Holland’s Philips Lighting has quietly acquired a small French company specializing in visible light communications (VLC) in a move believed to be aimed at boosting Philips’ capabilities in Li-Fi, the light-based technology expected to provide Wi-Fi-like two-way Internet communications. The company, Luciom, has relocated from Colombelles near Caen in northern France, to Philips Lighting headquarters in Eindhoven. Luciom is best known for a “tagging” scheme, which individual LED lights use to uniquely identify themselves in one-way indoor-positioning systems. Compared to two-way Li-Fi, indoor-positioning is a more basic form of VLC that sends small amounts for information from a light to a phone or other gadget. A number of retailers are experimenting with one-way VLC to try to engage shoppers in stores with information and direct them to promotions.

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