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Philips Adds Gooee, Silvair as Smart Lighting Partners

Philips Lighting has bulked up on partners who can provide wireless smart lighting components beyond Philips’ own capabilities, while leaving open the possibility that Philips could embed the wares inside its own branded products. In addition to Gooee and Silvair, the Dutch lighting giant has also issued its seal of approval to Steinel and Lucy Zodion. The four companies join 14 others as part of a certification program that Philips launched a year ago to give options to manufacturers who build intelligent LED luminaires using Philips’s smart lighting driver, called Xitanium SR. The SR in the name stands for “sensor ready.” Philips builds the driver to work with sensors and other circuits that can bestow luminaires with the ability to detect and collect data on things like occupancy, motion, climate, noise, and air quality. Such sensors can also support more sophisticated controls that know when to turn lights on or off and alter their brightness or color temperature. By certifying products from what is now 18 vendors, Philips hopes to boost the chance that lighting manufacturers will build smart luminaires that connect to the Internet of Things (IoT).

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