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Philips & Ericsson Launch Connected LED Streetlight for Europe

Philips lightpole site combines Philips’ energy efficient LED lighting with Ericsson’s leading small cell technology for high-speed broadband connectivity. The Philips lightpole site resembles the familiar street lightpole shape used across Europe, making it an unobtrusive addition to the cityscape, which increases LTE/ 4G network coverage. The compact size was made possible by co-developed integrated antennas in the lightpoles and Ericsson’s small cell outdoor radios. With cellular data traffic expected to grow 9 times by 2020, mobile network operators are struggling to acquire new cell sites in public areas to provide the best possible mobile broadband coverage and capacity for their customers. By renting space in the smart poles, they are able to densify their networks so that citizens can enjoy both safely lit streets and better smartphone data capacity.

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