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Power Over Mobile Content Marketing by Bill Attardi

We talk about Power over Ethernet (PoE), well, allow me to address Power over Content Marketing…that’s the core of effective communications these days. And with all the attention on Pokémon GO (I’m glad I’m not a millennial), our mobile devices will dominate our interactive lives and you don’t have to be a millennial to know how important mobile devices are to our content marketing strategies.

Not unlike traditional marketing, mobile content marketing is meant to build brand loyalty to your products, improve engagement with your customers, and still most certainly to increase sales. We teach at the graduate level that going mobile doesn’t mean just putting your marketing plan on a smaller screen. All of us, even us non-millennials, are running around, in a hurry, moving & shaking, on the go and want things quickly and hassle-free.

If you buy in so far, my suggestion is that mobile content must do these things:
1. Content must be SIMPLE: a clear and simple call to action. You just cannot get all the content you want on a mobile screen no matter how big they make it. You really have to be good at more with less. Focus on messages that entice them to download your app, or to view that video that visually sells your value proposition, or to click on that link with more detailed content. Your target audience is most likely walking and/or talking when they get a glimpse of your text or tweet, so don’t make them overthink it. Just tell them the one thing you want them to do, and if there is a need, they’ll do it.

2. Must be QUICK: instant gratification is just not quick enough these days. Download now. Watch the video. Visit our website. Order now. Provide a link that is quick and easy to access. A quick effective message is all you need to get their attention and the desired response. Even the larger mobile screens can’t handle a lot of stuff, so don’t add it to your mobile content.

3. Must create RELEVANCY: how many emails, text messages, tweets, posts, ads do you get every day? With me, it’s hundreds… it’s getting harder and harder to access the things we actually care about. Things I don’t care about get directed to the junk file. Make sure your content doesn’t suffer this fate. The best way to be relevant is to think about what people do on their devices. Are you talking to your target audience that need your products and services? Are you solving problems, not just selling stuff? Do you matter to your mobile users? If you do, they will listen….

4. Must measure the RESULTS: it’s a digital game….the analytics are there. Evaluate how you are doing. Open rate, hits, click rate, unique clicks, visitors: new & returning, referrals, SEO, etc. Do more of what works, change what doesn’t. Very important in the era of Big Data. Oh, hire a millennial…

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