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Rebate Coverage in US Hits Record High

Over the past few months, rebate organizations across the country have been busy updating their 2017 programs. According to our North American Rebate and Incentive database, 79% of the US is covered by an active commercial lighting rebate program, the highest since we started measuring the coverage 8 years ago.
• Ten-Fold Increase for Screw-in HID Rebates – This year, the number of utilities jumped to 116, which is 10 times more than 2016. On average the prescriptive rebate is currently $110 per bulb.
• TLED and Screw-in LED Bulbs Rebates Continue to Drop – Rebates for LED tubes and retrofit screw-in bulbs have taken off over the past few years with more and more rebate programs accepting these solutions. In 2017 the rebates for LED tubes dropped by 16% to $6.84 and for screw-in LED bulbs they decreased 20% to $9.52.

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