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Relief on Title 24 Lighting Retrofit Compliance

California regulators simplify Title 24 lighting codes to reduce energy project costs and speed ROI. In short, if the right type of high-efficiency lighting equipment is installed for an office lighting retrofit project, that project’s requirements for advanced dimming controls can be eliminated. This is good news for many electrical contractors, plant facility personnel, and consulting engineers who could not previously justify a code-compliant lighting retrofit to some customers from a reasonably quick return on investment (ROI) standpoint. Code changes not only help reduce engineering and equipment costs, but also speed simple payback and can reduce ROI by 50% or more for a typical office building. Energy retrofit projects are now less expensive, faster, and easier.

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3 comments on “Relief on Title 24 Lighting Retrofit Compliance

  1. The other Bill says:

    What is “the right type of high efficiency lighting equipment”

  2. When did this go into effect?

  3. Rod Heller says:

    This is the problem with codes. They can not keep up to the speed of technology! Hopefully DLC is next!

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