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Self-Driving Concept Car Is Full of LEDs, and Not Just for Lighting

At Las Vegas consumer show, Osram and Swiss auto designer will show how shared, autonomous vehicles will use LEDs for everything including comfort, illumination, data connectivity, security, and more. the future of sustainable urban transportation will move towards cars that drive themselves, that users share rather outright own, and that connect individual passengers with data and services. The smart autonomous vehicle, called Snap, will include Osram LEDs and laser diodes that use infrared sensing and other LED technologies. For example, LED-based iris scanning technology will help secure entry into the vehicle, and will also help identify individuals and permit them to connect to information services.
Snap, which is the shape and size of a minibus or a small train compartment, will also use LED-based infrared for facial recognition that would then trigger changes in lighting, heat settings, and seat positioning to suit the individual’s known tastes.

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