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Seoul Announces Horticultural LEDs

Seoul Semiconductor announcement became what was perhaps the broadest horticultural LED launch in the industry, even surpassing the Lumileds SunPlus announcement last year in breadth. Seoul is the only vendor offering horticultural-centric products spanning the UV range to the near infrared (NIR) bands. Moreover, the company is targeting some LEDs at horticulture that are based on its SunLike technology platform that debuted earlier this year with a uniform spectral power distribution said to mimic the sun. In the high-power sector, Seoul announced deep-blue (449–461 nm), deep-red (646–665 nm), far-red (730 nm peak), and broad-spectrum-white LEDs. In each case, the company is specifying a photosynthetic photon flux (PPF) measure of performance expressed in micromoles per second (μmoles/sec). For example, the 650-mW deep-blue LEDs are rated at 2.6 μmoles/sec.

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