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Siemens Re-Enters the Lighting Business, Via the IoT

Five years after spinning off its Osram lighting subsidiary and thereby dumping its bulb baggage, Siemens AG is back in the lighting business. This time, however, there isn’t a light bulb in sight, at least not as a revenue driver. Rather, the 171-year-old German engineering conglomerate is embracing the industry’s modern zeitgeist, selling Internet-connected, chip-and-sensor imbued lighting controls, services, and systems aimed at profiting from data collection and analysis. This all became evident over the last month, when Siemens made no fewer than three acquisitions of smaller companies that specialize in Internet of Things (IoT) controls of lighting and building operations. This is exactly the business scheme that most lighting vendors are pushing today, as they try to turn the lighting infrastructure into an IoT information network that can do everything from improving traffic flow on city highways to helping facilities managers to better utilize floors, offices, conference rooms, and the like. At the same time, the smart systems improve the direct control of lighting. Lighting companies are doing this as they seek entirely new IT- and service-based business models to replace the century-old hardware model of selling bulbs and luminaires.

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