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Signify Ratchets Up the Li-Fi Trials, pureLiFi Cranks the Speed

A couple of leading Li-Fi developers have announced advances that they hope hasten the technology’s arrival. Signify revealed it now has about 30 pilot installations, while also acquiring a Li-Fi company. Meanwhile, Scotland’s pureLiFi said it has cranked up transmission speeds to 1 Gbit/sec, about a 20× increase. Li-Fi uses lightwaves from LED luminaires — rather than the radio waves of Wi-Fi. It is another part of the move beyond illumination toward a data-focused business model in which the lighting infrastructure would morph into an IT infrastructure. One of the obstacles is that gadget makers have yet to embed Li-Fi receiver chips in phones, tablets, and laptops. Standards could help instigate that, but international standards body IEEE is not expected to release one until 2021. The Li-Fi light spectrum has about 1000 times the frequency range of Wi-Fi. Li-Fi enthusiasts also point out that it is more secure than Wi-Fi, because it requires line of sight.

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