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Singapore Airport’s T4 Opens with Acclaim for Lighting

Singapore Airport’s (Changi Airport) new Terminal 4 has opened to acclaim for its lighting, which is technical blend of natural and artificial lighting. The client placed highest emphasis was put on visual comfort, guidance and creating a sense of place. A central, daylit galleria opens up baggage reclaim areas for a welcoming arrival. Visibility across the floor, up to and from departures visually connects all areas. Daylighting responds to extreme variations within the galleria itself and in comparison to the surroundings. Views through the shading system and fritted roof glazing are made possible, direct sunlight is reduced to enjoy the suspended artwork from all directions. Application of a static daylight system to simplify maintenance represented a challenge.  Still the outcome shows soft transitions, reduced glare and a high level of uniformity with room for visual accents and artwork distributed throughout the terminal.

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