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Smart Building Retrofits… What’s Holding You Back? by Remo Di Fronzo

There are many reasons to consider retrofitting an older commercial asset into a “smart building.” Often, for many commercial building owners and facility operators, the first priority is to reduce the energy footprint of older buildings. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), roughly 39% of the United States’ energy consumption is from buildings. While larger urban centers can observe a jump to 70%, energy consumption should not be the primary reason for retrofitting a commercial space to be smart. Retrofitting a building into a smart building can help in achieving sustainability goals but also improve the lives of people who live, work, and play inside your space. Smarter buildings are smart for business. Retrofitting into a smart building can optimize the efficiency of operations, give facility managers greater command and control of the space, and deliver a frictionless workplace experience. All leading indicators for premium lease rates with longer terms and happier tenants. We’ve outlined a few to illustrate the pitfalls to avoid when considering a retrofit project:

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