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Smart LED Streetlamps Can Facilitate 5G Base Station Deployments

Smart LED streetlamps, already a multipurpose fixture that can monitor environment, traffic, public security, and display public information, may be given one more job in smart city developments: 5G base station equipment can be installed on lamp posts. The use of high-frequency millimeter wave of short wavelength enables fast 5G data transfers, but the transfer distance is limited. Therefore, it is necessary to set up a high density of base stations to attain sufficient spatial coverage. That is where LED smart streetlamps – almost a must for smart cities – come into the picture. They are evenly distributed in high density, and suitable for use in deployment of 5G and IoT networks. Streetlamps may be deployed at a distance interval of 20-30 meters, and 5G base stations may be 100-200 meters apart from each other, which means there is much flexibility in installing 5G base station equipment on lamp posts.

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